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Energy healer, Chris Kehler joins us for an inside view of the modalities, methods and tools of Holistic Healing. We examine trends and methods for dealing with Shamanic spells and curses; family curses, pyramids and negative influences (the great pyramids) The reptilian influences and how reptilians gain access.

We have an intensive LIVE healing session demonstration with caller “Montana”, and Chris demonstrates his use of pendulum dowsing and triangle instruments. We then talk with multi-dimensional abductee, “Whisper” who outlines the details of astral hijacking, reptilian, dimensional rifts, a three month abduction, and insights into cloning operations, soul hijacking, and entity infeststion; wormholes and underground vortexes.

Previous appearances:

Chris Kehler and “Whisper”: The Solstice Unveiling  –  Dec 20, 2014

Chris Kehler: Quantum Holistic Healing –  Jul 10, 2014

“Whisper”: Alien Implants – Jul 10, 2014