UPDATED: As of this post, I am pleased to announce that The Liberty Beacon‘s The Falling Darkness site has removed the INFOWARS article from circulation. I hope that everyone in the alternative media will use discretion in what is posted by Jones and his crew. This is not the fist offense for them by a long run, Thanks to Mary Carmel and Roger Landry for following up!
Below is the video of the 6-11-2015 edition of John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight show with “DJ”, a software engineer/network administrator, who spent 3 months purusing and analyzing documents to assemble a comprehensive analysis of the Jade Helm scenario. The material was appropriated, slightly modified by Jones and Jackson and aired/posted by InfoWars on June15, 2015. I heard the original airing on the Wells’ program, and examined the InfoWars show—the information is nearly identical with a minor “twist” (adding the eugenics meme).
The InfoWars show has now posted to BeforeItsNews.com in a post by Mary Carmel and The Liberty Beacon‘s TheFallingDarkness.com site (with whom I am associated). This post serves to correct the record to the re-posters, and to also to those who imbibe at InfoWars, that Jones & Co. are NOT “truths”, but predatory thieves who seek to dominate and dilute authentic intel gathering by legitimate researchers.
Mr. Wells and DJ have addressed this matter in the June 18, 2015 Caravan To Midnight program (which is a subscriber program, who graciously posts critical shows to their YouTube channel FREE in the interest of serving the public). If you STAND for truth and accountability in the alt-media, please vet and verify information carefully. The above named organs (InfoWars and BeforeItsNews) are notoriously cavalier in posting dubious, conscripted, and manufactured information TO DISCREDIT ALTERNATIVE MEDIA and fracture the streams of information that serve to oppose the MSM strongholds over news and information dissemination.
I stand witness to numerous such “raids” by Jones and his henchmen on authentic, original materials which they then used for their own purposes and profit without proper permission and compensation. If you care about the viability of alternative media on the internet, please support those who do the work, and avoid these sites which serve to PROFIT by the labor of others and/or publish material without proper vetting. INTEGRITY MATTERS!
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