David Mivshek: Fate Stacks-Reality’s Storyline Decoded
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David Mivshek is a musician, entrepreneur, and researcher, who in 2000 began to ask questions and devise a system of anagramic word puzzles called “Query Stacks” that revealed surprising answers that he feels were from God.

As he began to refine and verify this system, he probed deeper using what he calls “fate stacks”: anagramic word puzzles in the English language that, when decoded according to his own methodology, consistently revealed the fates of other people, groups, and events.

His 2012 book, “Reality’s Storyline Decoded” fully documents over a decade of research that repeatedly yielded stunning insights. On this show, we reveal a few of these puzzles that show the fates of the folk trio, Peter, Paul, & Mary; rock bands Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Damageplan—and a few surprises including an election year prediction.