Reporter/researcher, Robert Stanley, who has reported widely on the paranormal activities in Malibu, CA; has released a major new finding as part of

The Gravity Well or doorway-Google Maps

The Gravity Well or doorway-Google Maps

the research for his forthcoming book, “Malibu-An Epicenter of Evil”.

Robert writes that the lower world portals were guarded by the native Chumash Indian  Antaps (priests), who were aware of the three worlds, which communicate with each other. The upper world inhabitants are peaceful and rarely interact with humans. The lower world beings, in contrast, attempt to enter our world and cause harm to humans.

The Chumash were methodically exterminated by the Spanish Catholic priests, who established the missions between 1776 to 1824; thus leaving these portals unprotected and open for invasion by the entities. The “rift” that was opened is, according to Stanley, an unguarded portal for lower dimensional entities that have invaded our own “middle world”.

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