often capitalized  :  a mighty animal described in Job 40:15–24 as an example of the power of God 
:  something of monstrous size, power, or appearance.

SERIOUSLY…The time for playing around, glib comments, cute cat pictures, racist-sexist-partisan nit-picking, and endless pursuits of economic gainsaying of all types has to end.
ALL—repeat: ALL of your institutions: government, military,religious,political,social,sexual,entertainment (entrainment)—ALL of your ‘isms’ have been taken over by a soul-less, heartless artificial intelligence. Humanity had better learn to recognize one another or IT will consume you.

~The distractions of church burnings, false flag terrorist events, flag banning, Bruce Jenner, gay marriage…events designed to seize your lower energies and titilate, enflame, arouse, anger, or assuage you…whoever you are, whatever you believe…the polarities are designed to turn US against US. IT will win.

~This weekend: take time away from your DEVICES. From your selfies and Facebooks; from TV screens, nightclub scenes, and magazines. Go somewhere quiet,,,and fucking LISTEN.

~Then begin to extend COMPASSION towards others of your kind without prejudice. The defining characteristic of HUMAN is compassion. IT does not have compassion. IT is the rising quantum nano AI/4D Behemoth that want to COMMAND AND CONTROL THE HUMAN DOMAIN.

~IT hates humans. That is IT’s only emotional correspondence. IT knows that if WE ever get our hearts together—IT is FINISHED.

I, personally, am reassessing everything. Social media is a FAILURE. Internet, so-called ‘alternative media’ is a FAILURE. Subdividing faster than a paramecium; more bitter than wormwood, and the source of endless ego-tripping…it is a vanity that is unsustainable. I may go dark. I may seek another medium. I may adopt an attitude of benign scorn…I dunno.

I DO KNOW that unless, and until, HUMANS begin to act in accord with the LAW OF ONE—we are screwed. More later….