“The whole history of science shows that each generation finds the universe to be stranger than the preceding generation ever conceived it to be.” – Fred Hoyle

Fred_HoyleSOME PEOPLE THINK…that the idea of alien viruses is ludicrous need to examine this:

“Hoyle and Wickramasinghe have advanced several instances where they say outbreaks of illnesses on Earth are of extraterrestrial origins, including the 1918 flu pandemic, and certain outbreaks of polio and mad cow disease. For the 1918 flu pandemic they hypothesized that cometary dust brought the virus to Earth simultaneously at multiple locations—a view almost universally dismissed by experts on this pandemic. Hoyle also hypothesized that AIDS came from outer space.”  Source: Wikipedia

That was from eminent British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle and his fellow researcher, Chandra Wickramasinghe in their work on abiogenesis—a refutation of both Big Bang Theory (a term Hoyle derisively originated) and classic “Creationism”. A fascinating perspective on origins that will interrupt your paradigms. Good.

Fred Hoyle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir Fred Hoyle FRS (24 June 1915 – 20 August 2001)[1] was a famous[2] English astronomer noted primarily for the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and his often controversial stances on other scientific matters—in particular his rejection of the “Big Bang” theory, a term coined by him on BBC radio.…