AUDIO: Duncan OFinioan: CERN-Darkworld

simon-parkes_jpg_srz_p_186_191_75_22_0_50_1_20_0_00_jpg_srz_186×191_pixelsIn his August Newsletter,  Simon Parkes, a UK self-described experiencer of various ETs, who now works as a healer/de-programmer; has issued the follow warnings about an August 15 event at CERN:
“..The hadron collider will be pushed to its maximum output on the 15th. The purpose of this is to break human’s connection to source.” Parkes further states: ” The main protagonist in this battle is artificial intelligence known to some as Velon/Archon – it is this that we first meet head on on the 15th August and for those of you who are keen on research this is directly linked to chemtrails.”

What needs to be said is that Simon Parkes is likely operating, unknowingly or otherwise, as a vector for misinformation that is being planted by off-world and intelligence agency operations. He states in the newsletter on the same subject:

“(I’ve had to word this in a particular way so that it does not break any government rules)”.

“Government rules” here would likely be security clearance issues and nondisclosure agreements with MI5. A female “assistant” (handler?) named Marissa mediates all of Mr. Parkes’ website emails and appears to handle his schedule. Parkes, through Marissa has declined to be interviewed by OffPlanet Radio,

I did speak with Mr. Parkes on video over Skype on one occasion a month or so ago, for just 15 minutes. I was “uncomfortable” with him, and he with me. While I, in no way, wish to malign him.  My sense is that he is a conduit for information that is being seeded into the web by both off-world and intelligence operatives.

For the record: I do not believe that it is possible for Earth’s connection to Source to be broken. Source, or “God” is very much in control of the events in all worlds/times/spaces. We, humanity, cannot be “disconnected” except by choices and actions to which we consciously consent.

Earth/Gaia is a sacred space in the multiverse.  One which has imbued and supported human development for eons. And while she endures the cycles of activities related to conscious evolvement, she, nonetheless, is both sovereign in her own right, and the protectorate of all life and spirit in her care, and enjoys Divine protection.

What may occur will be the incursion of more entities wielding deceptions and murderous energies to feed from the fear and lust (lower energies) of the human race. Ultimately, unless it is shut down, the scientists at CERN, under control of the Black Magi, will open a portal between worlds/dimensions that will truly bring “hell to earth”.

OffPlanet Radio has been presenting this information with Duncan O’Finioan since 2011 where we stated that:
“the big conCERN is Shiva, Detroyer of Worlds at CERN conCERN…CERN…portal for armies of immortals…the REAL “black awakening”…Shiva, destroyer of worlds…a symbol for one of the bloodline families” (posted here: Duncan O’Finioan: Dark Mission |  | Mar 22, 2011.  The audio is offline)

We should caution that Simon states in interviews that he continues to be taken by, specifically, the Mantids; and by his own admission is handled by MI5 operatives. This means his information and activities require high discernment and awareness of the misdirects that are deliberately sown into the internet.

Parkes also works—for fee—as a “de-programmer”, “life reader” and healer of persons suffering MPD/PTSD due to “Illuminati families/bloodlines – where they have suffered torture and trauma, many from MILAB situations.” He seems very active in interviews, and conferences, and likely has spilled just enough credible info. to make him a target.

Beware organized groups and guided group meditations. CERN does not need “love” directed to it. I needs to terminated, it is the creation of the Dracos and their minions, who are now being expelled. The Black Magi scientists may try to trigger the process anyway in attempts to reinitiate contact. It is a LIE that Velon/Archon can disconnect humanity and Earth from Source—it is move to make us surrender willingly to that which we can overcome by asserting our divine power.

Go inside use your own light and discernment. Pray, meditate, and trust your inner knowing, Beware the harvesters.