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“Irrespective as to what the fear mongers will tell you, the bad guys have lost enough funds, lost enough support and there are enough people that are upset with them that their powers have been curtailed tremendously.”-Drake, April 2012

The Plan, as it is known, began many years ago, and the story is told in this interview. In April, 2012, David Wilcock posted an interview with the man known as Drake under the heading MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake. As the Wilcock article went viral, the Drake scenario picked up speed, but lingered…quietly in the background, as America roiled under increasing oppression, a deepening depression, false flag terrorism (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings), race riots (Ferguson, Baltimore) and increasingly militarized police action…quietly, the PLAN continued.

Drake has joined forces with another figure, Neil Keenan: the volatile figure behind the TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT connected to stolen gold from the Chinese Dragon family…Keenan withdrew the suit and decamped to Jakarta where he assembled his team and prepared to extract the secreted gold from, literally, the vaults of the ancestors…THE PLAN ticks on…

In this interview, joined by host, Thomas Williams, a veteran researcher and ET experiencer, Drake outlines the state of the plan, which includes “The Wave”—a cosmic energy force now heading toward Earth for a September landing—in the midst of the projected most turbulent period of history…NOW.