Equinox arrives: the balance of days, and a season to prepare for the winter, and to gather the harvest of the summer. A time to look up at crisp, clear skies, and gather the light for a season of dark.


Take time to think – It is the source of all power

Take time to read – It is the foundation of all wisdom

Take time to play-It is the source of perpetual youth

Take time to be quiet-It is the opportunity to seek God

Take time to be aware-It is the opportunity to help others

Take time to love and be loved-It is God’s greatest gift

Take time to laugh-It is the music of the soul

Take time to be friendly-It is the road to happiness

Take time to dream-It is what the future is made of

Take time to pray-It is the greatest power on earth

Take time to give-It is too short a day to be selfish

Take time to work-It is the price of success

~Author Unknown