Chris Holly:
Randy Maugans:

“Stop the World, I want To Get Off”

Equinox is a season of balance of the light and dark. We talk again about how humanity is being hijacked by digital technology. That brings us, inevitably, to the subjects of transhumanism, A.I., and what is called “the singularity: the merging of man and machine.

Chris went off to visit with her “Real Time” abductees, a group of people who were repeatedly taken, used in experiments, altered, but also given very high abilities. This group includes a professor and several successful entrepreneurs.

We talk about what the Real Timers have to say about this “singularity”, and the course humanity will pursue in attempting to attain ‘godhood” through algoritms.

We reference the book by Aaron McCollum, “The Transhumanism Pandemic”, available as free E-Book. Get it here:

Humanity’s decision is being made NOW. Kurzweil’s singularity is not a choice, but a trap for those who surrender their souls to the machine. The species will split into two kinds and two paths. One will be human’ the other..EXTINCT.