Saviour programming, a persistent theme in human behavior from ancient times. More recently, it has surfaced in the social corridors of the internet via an assortment of characters who either foretell, or (attempt to) fulfill the expectations of a desperate generation for the ONE who will end suffering and deliver Man into a “golden age”. In the echoes of MU and Atlantis to Sumeria, Egypt, Babylonia, and the great western empires emerged a parade of figures from Quetzalquotal and Thoth to Prometheus and Zeus; Zarathustra to Buddha and Christ.

The “program” runs in the human subconscious, borne of the uncertainty of Man’s origins, his endless states of need, war, and spirtual-psychological fragmentation. The “program” offers hopes of peace, healing, rebirth, and deliverance from Man’s demons, usually fronted by a singular charismatic figure who seizes the needs of the people as a focus for Universal “Salvation” and a New Age. Humans possess an inmate spirituality that has been exploited in history by the trauma-based programs of endless wars, poverty and death; and contrasted to the “original sin” subroutines that trigger ever larger cycles of abuse in NAMES of the self-same Messiahs. Thousand s of years and thousands of  gods…and Man’s quest is unrequited.

Trigger->Loop|subroutine->Trigger->Loop…See how it works. A new God, a new war, more death, poverty, destruction: A new God arrives, builds a religion, the religion needs an infrastructure, it builds a kingdom (government), declares war on “others. a new war…

“Saviors” can be detected. The may start out meek. They may even be bearers of “Light” and attract much devotion for their “gifts to humanity”. The savior programming is fluid, but it will ultimately lead to:

  • Private revelations- a mountaintop experience; an interaction with a “devil” or angelic proclamation; an epiphany of the “calling”.
  • The “Saviour” takes on a new persona, a name change, or change in demeanor; an urgency to proclaim; a certitude of His singular importance or the urgency of The Message (prophecy).
  • The “Saviour” become increasingly didactic; ideas become dogma; insights become Inspired; the Persona begins to assert the NEED for His particular gospel, always with a “twist”.
  • Behind the scenes, the Saviour becomes more insular, the ego complex builds, and with it an Identity that supersedes the “merely human”, the unwashed, the huddled masses…pick one. It is here that the seeds of paranoia germinate, and where the Persona will usually begin to move towards aggressive behaviors, either overt or subtle (beware the subtle—a passive-aggressive Persona becomes VERY dangerous).

That is a basic outline to watch.

  • The other component, and the one which is more disturbing, is the cult that seeks out and follows. They are the machine that moves the gears of the Saviour Program. Even when certain figures arise, who may have some Light, may be of pureness; if they are useful to the Program…Trigger->Loop|subroutine->Trigger->Loop…just follow the history of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to see the historical outworking at maximal intensity. Ultimately, traumatized, unhealed Humans feed the program, which runs with precision the same deadly cycles.

simon-parkes-1024x595In a previous article, DISCERNMENT ALERT: Simon Parkes and CERN Archons (Aug 7, 2015), I wrote about Mr. Parkes’ statement that CERN “…the hadron collider will be pushed to its maximum output on the 15th. The purpose of this is to break human’s connection to source.” This is, of course, a classic “private revelation” and proclamation that is delivered as missive to the followers. It is also a totally unfounded spiritual principle; a dire warning (prophecy) of impending doom, and is delivered as absolute by The Identity.

Parkes went on, following this article, to proclaim in his September newsletter:
“I have posted strong evidence showing that our group meditation really did bring about physical change.  The portal which the hadron collider was expecting to reinvigorate never did receive this burst of energy.  The result: certain reptilian entities are now truly trapped on/in the earth.”

Almost as a response to the OffPlanet Radio article, and in contradiction of his own earlier warning, Parkes notes:
“Whether human consciousness, divine connection to source could ever be broken was not the question, the question for me was simply that some people were willing to try this, by standing up for free will we demonstrated to the planet and source that humans will take responsibility and will challenge injustice.”

(Thanks to the cult, who followed “Me”…)
As a side note, Parkes writes: “I always knew that the position that group consciousness has accorded me would mean being on the receiving end of fractured and broken energies. Contrary to some opinion the Mantids have not forsaken me and I have no intention of dying within the next 6 months.”  (private revelation, insular, ego-complex, paranoia…?)

On another scale, with a different twist comes the case of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Irania born nuclear physicist who among other things, claims that his plasma technology will make possible all the things needed for a space mission: propulsion, energy, food, water, healing. His most famous claim was  that it was his anti-gravity technology that was in play when Iran intercepted and safely grounded a U.S. drone. While Keshe routinely holds press conferences and symposia via his Keshe Foundation, and “announces” his technology, there are, to date, very little in the way of actual demonstrations of the devices; mostly elaborate jargon-filled descriptions laden with exotic science-speak and vast promises for the future of humanity. The most elaborate to date is his famous “Messiah” announcement:

mehran-keshe“Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.” ―
Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, April 18, 2014 (Good Friday)

On October 16, 2015 in Rome Italy, , Keshe launched his newest initiative, “Free Energy In Exchange For World Peace”, whereby he plied “Ambassadors” from various nations with a “margin” free energy device in exchange for their commitment to peace. He also released the plans to build the devices onto the internet. To date, no working devices have been seen.


Author Cara St. Louis recently wrote:

“This mania and evangelical zealotry surrounding Keshe right now is extremely worrisome. It doesn’t even have anything to do with his baseline work. It is the mania around it and the fact that every story seems to have Keshe attached, no matter how far-flung. PLEASE remain neutral while this is examined. This really smacks of Saviour Programming at the moment”.

She plans to address Savior Programming in more depth in her upcoming, “Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation Workbook”.

There is so much more to the social engineering and cultural implosion of the 20th Century, which Cara calls the Stolen Century. Would it surprise you to find that there is every likelihood a false 1000 years of history has been inserted into our timeline to justify royal expansionism? How about the unseen elements working for us, reawakened to take on the threat to Sophia. And, most importantly, the avalanche of Saviour Programming which has started to bury us in the last months of 2015, including Kautz-Vella, Greer, Parkes and now, seemingly most manic of all, Keshe. Discussed at length. Must read follow up!

Pre-orders for the book available now through Indy Kitchen.
Hear Cara St. Louis interviewed by Randy Maugans on OffPlanet TV-Episode 14-07-29-15- Cara St Louis: Exposing The Predator (Aug 1, 2015)