THE FOLLOWING EMAIL FROM ROBERT STANLEY: re: Archons, Apex, Predators, Parasites…”Shadow People”, “Smoke Monsters”…“Black Goo”..

Shortly before I opened this email, I had a very strong energetic feeling come over me.

I received a very clear message that we are to stay here on earth and recreate EDEN.
The parasites that invaded this planet have no right to be here and must go away.
This is our home and we must demand that they leave our planet and not return.
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Your interview with (Youtube) The Vinny Eastwood
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 21:48:12 -0600
From: Everett <>
To: <>

Hello Mr. Robert Stanley,

Alright,.. I’m hesitating to say this, but I’m not sure just what I seen is what your show was talking about. Deep down I think it is.

Just shy of a year ago I was at our local corner store chatting with the Korean owners, when a young lady whom you can tell was either on  crack or meth. She was jittery as she waited in line.

entityI seen something first with the corner of my eye that made me to turn and look at her. I seen this  thing attached to her , draped over back of her shoulders like a blanket. As I looked down I seen under her arms this entity was under her arms from the back to under the forearms and again from her back this entity as attached the same way down the back of her legs to her calves.

I looked up at this entity which was just under a head higher than the ladies head and it was moving . This blackness was not unlike the iron filings that we played around  with in science class when we shifted a magnet under the paper. The iron shavings would be erect at the greatest pull from the magnet and then settled down as the magnet passed by. That is how this entity moved.

It turned and looked right at me, two angular white eyes no pupils , but it did NOT liked that I seen it. Yes, I freaked inside, but kept my composure and finished my shopping and left. For that month I reflected on that moment wondering just what I seen. It acted like an Insect, which for some reason made me look at the people (addicted) looked and move like insects. Then I looked at animal behaviors  and compared the two.  Do you know that all these Zombie movies, people related them to ravenous animals and honestly they really act like insects.

Anyways I enjoyed that show that you attended and thank you for doing what you do.

The Vinny Eastwood   with you as a guest along with Eve Lorgen and Cameron Day. I will attach a drawing of what I seen. Please don’t think I’m mad. I told my family and well they heard it, just no other reaction other than a few raised eyebrows.

Thanks for your time,
Best Regards,

Everett W. G. Umphrey

P.S When I heard what you described them like a fuzzy black mass .  I Yelled “ THAT’S IT!” lol aw well I think that is it anyways.  Please see included drawn image as pdf  I had to use a scanner.