Ariyana Love opens up about her life long involvement with the off-world beings who have been quietly guiding and aiding her, as well as numerous other souls incarnated into this time period. She discusses her childhood contact experiences, her samadhi experience, which opened up her awareness, and how we each can access these higher energies via meditation.

Show Notes:
We discuss: the hidden history of the earth through cycles of destruction, the rising of “new breed” humans, and the rise of the secret societies; that we reached ‘critical mass’ in consciousness; who are Council of Elders and the Galactic Federation? A hybrid race of beings, known as the Ashkenazis, used to dominate and control the people of Earth.

The latest transmissions from the ‘Council of Elders’; The Book of records; DNA awakening; the 2nd Earth. And we call on the “others”—those who sense they are part of the ambassadors to connect. Watch the video and you will know how.