Published on Mar 20, 2016

Thomas Williams is the host of The Cosmic Voice Radio Show with Drake Bailey; is a lifelong conscious experiencer, researcher, and freedom advocate, at the bleeding edge of the new paradigms if freedom and disclosure. On this show we discuss his journey, the topics of paranormal events, ET contacts, awareness of a world system that is broken, and the solutions that have seemed to evade humanity.

Thomas brings forward the Foundation he has established, at the behest of one of the “Factions”— an elite family group who are championing the cause of real freedom for the US, as well as the other nations. The foundation (name as yet undisclosed) is being seeded by gifts from “the people”, but will be largely funded by the faction to enable innovations, business and non-profit orgs, charitable work, and humanitarian outreach, as a “ground up” approach to liberation of the planet.

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