A New Deception to Lull Us Into Assimilation
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In a strange sequence of synchronicities of late, I have come upon a widening gulf in the UFO/ET research community that began when I recently read two books:
1). “David M. Jacobs: “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity” and a recent release that is now gaining a lot of attention, in interviews on the web called Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth. The two books could not stand in more stark contrast, and in the balance of their separate theses lies a fundamental issue:


That question became more urgent, and even more controversial when Alfred Webre of ExoPolitics.com released an interview on June 14th called, “Hybrids are here to help humanity’s Ascension – Learn to stay in your hearts on his YouTube channel. Actually, to be fair, what Webre released was not so much an interview—there was very little, if any, critical thinking or questions—it was, as Alfred himself later admitted to some colleagues, a promotion of the book on behalf of his friend, co-author, Barbara Lamb. Webre, in his narrative Webre describes something he calls the “spin cycle”. Translated as the “Yugas” or long-count Mayan calendar cycles, which Webre claims were “shifts”….shifts or extinction cycles? Webre calls this theory “science” in a Facebook chat message to this reporter—but really, it is an ancient Hindu theology of the cosmos, and the seedbed for the mania around the Dec. 21, 2012  “ascension” myth.

Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth by Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb https://meetthehybrids.wordpress.com/
Article: Alfred Lambremont Webre-Hybrids are here to help humanity’s Ascension – Learn to stay in your hearts
VANCOUVER, BC – In this NewsInsideOut.com interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Cynthia Crawford, one of eight ET-Human hybrids interviewed in Meet the Hybrids, and co-author Miguel Mendonca reveal key discoveries about the ET-Human Hybrid project.
One of the apparent discoveries of the book is a reported extensive interdimensional ET-human hybrid project that has been organized by upper dimensional (really—WHO says they are Upper?), ethical (PROOF?) extraterrestrials, designed to assist humanity in its ascension from 3rd density soul frequencies to 4/5th density frequencies, as part of humanity’s evolution. (Comments in parenthesis added by author.)

Miguel Mendonca
Background: appears to be working as a freelance writer and  researcher in sustainability; research manager for the World Future Council, an international NGO, a consultative council with highest status given by the United Nations.  Published a fiction work, Quick! Act Normal! in 2013; In late 2015 Miguel published Meet the Hybrids – The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth.[7] This non-fiction book explores the subject of ET-human hybrids from the inside, by interviewing eight individuals who understand that they are part-extraterrestrial and part-human.

NOTE: Prior to 2015, Mr. Mendonca has no record or history of being on record as an ET researcher!!! His background as a fiction writer, likewise seems rather brief; his career track largely that of a “sustainability” expert associated with the UN. YES, THE SAME UN ESPOUSING eugenics, de-popultion, and a one world government—THAT UN.

Co-authored with Barbara Lamb, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and regression therapist, who has for the last 25 years worked with over 1,700 clients with regard to extraterrestrial encounters.

The book has been endorsed by journalist and frequent Coast To Coast AM guest, Linda Moulton Howe and Mary Rodwell, a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher and metaphysician. Mary is the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is recognised Internationally, as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd and an Advisory Committee member of Exopolitics—whose  research also explores the evidence from scientific, medical, psychological, and historical perspective to support what she believes is a genetic engineering program, which is part of an upgrade of homo sapiens, and creating a paradigm shift in human consciousness, which these children demonstrate.

Noticing a pattern here…???

The Webre interview and it’s appalling revelation about the Yugas and “spin cycle” On our next segment, we will explore the dark side of this “ascension” story…with critical data written by the leading regressionist and researcher in the field of ET/Human interactions…a, now retired professor who has spent over 40 years listening to what abductees tell him about an agenda:

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D
Director of The International Center for Abduction Research 

He has conducted over 1,150 hypnotic regressions with abductees, the author of The UFO Controversy in America, Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions, and The Threat.  He is the editor of UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge. He was a colleague of the late pioneering UFO/ET researchers, Budd Hopkins and Professor John Mack of Harvard University.

Jacobs writes: “…since 1986 I have conducted over 1,150 hypnotic regressions with abductees.  I have tried to be as objective and as “agenda free” as possible.  I have no New Age, spiritual, religious, transformational, or transcendent program to promote.  I try to stay as close to the evidence as I can.“

The New Book by David M. Jacobs: “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”

In his 1998 book, The Threat, Jacobs uncovered disconcerting reports about aliens’ plans for the future of Earth. He reported that a “change” is coming; a future when very human-like hybrids would intermingle with humans in everyday life. “Soon we will all be together,” the aliens said. “Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place.”

This book examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear. The incidents of alien abductions have accelerated as have occurrences of alien involvement in everyday human life. A silent and insidious invasion has begun. Alien hybrids have moved into your neighborhood and into your workplace. They have been trained by human abductees to “pass,” to blend in to society, to appear as normal as your next door neighbor.

This book illustrates in detail the process of alien integration into society and the strategy and support structure that has been developed to make this happen seamlessly. While he is not certain why they are doing it, the final chapter of the book will provide some chilling possible answers as to why they are here and what they want to accomplish.

The concept of “ascension”, as it has been presented, has many expectations attached, including for some a mass consciousness escalation, a “transition from 3-D to 5-D”’, earth changes, some mysterious “split” between two earths—or a pole shifting, cataclysmic onslaught of deadly meteors, comets, and the ubiquitous Planet X a/k/a “Niburu.

Ascension has become the buzzword for dozens of consciousness-raising fads, 100s of books, and thousands of fanatical, fear-mongering, adherents HOPING that somehow THEY get an upgrade, “Shift” to a Nirvana-like land, or mass-ascend in a strange event that looks very much like the mythological Christian “rapture”.

ALL OF THIS evades and avoids the difficult effort, slow-paced progress, hard work, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for ONE’S OWN SPIRITUAL STATE AND ADVANCEMENT. In short, the so-called “ascension”, is a PROGRAM designed to lull the lazy, gullible, spiritually undiscerning into a DEATH TRAP that could, at its ultimate peak, create a near-extinction event for humans—and provide the fertile ground for an alien take-over of earth and its inhabitants.

Does humankind require “outside help”? 

  • A savior or saviors?
  • Are we really the brute animals whom the aliens claim are a murderous, warring, mindless, bottom-of-the-galactic food chain failed experiment?
  • Are we being primed NOW to be assimilated by an ET race of Insecticides, who are really roving planetary rapists?
  • Do the un-consented abductions, harvesting of genetic materials, cultivation of human-alien embryos; the use of telepathic MIND CONTROL, and the onslaught of superior technology against unsuspecting human subjects, lead to a denouement for organic humanity?

The chilling aspect lies in our own unawareness; our complicity in staying silent; and the quislings here on earth, who not only cooperate cheerfully with an agenda; but ENDORSE AS NECESSARY the ultimate conquest of the flawed, but struggling race we now call HUMAN. The “spin cycle” as Mr. Webre calls it; is little more than yet another culling of man, even as we strive to activate our own higher consciousness.

The PLAN, as exposed by the abductees interviewed in David Jacobs book, is part of a multifarious onslaught: much like the cycles of destruction that befell Lemuria, Atlantis, and the antediluvian world of the Great Flood of Noah. Some, such as myself, believe these EXTINCTIONS were designed to mow down our ancestors at the very point where they were AWAKENING. A “change” that forever wipes out human freewill, cognition, and and the NATURAL evolution of human spirituality.

The MAYAN CULTURE, which gifted us with the calendar wheel espoused as the advent of the “new age”, ended in barbarism, human sacrifice, and extinction. If we are to advance now, in this present time, HUMANS need to accept the full conscious responsibility for EACH AND EVERY SOUL TO MAKE IT OWN ARC in the future. Failing that, the alien forces ,Dracos, Mantids, Insectictilids, Grays…will overtake us in this, the great battle of the ages. The CHOICE is still our. Let us choose well, and fully informed!