I am posting this article link out as a foil to my recent interview David Jacobs, Ph.D, ret. Temple University. I was aware of the Emma Woods controversy, but not the full depth of other accusations, including something related to an upcoming interview on MKUltra.
If I got “snookered”, I will admit it; if this thing goes where I hope it does not, I will do the same as I encourage other researchers to do:Be honest and correct the record.

As for MUFON PA and MUFON in general—I resigned my membership years ago. They are pathetic and laughable.

Excellent article. There needs to be more investigative journalism like this to clean up this field. The problem, of course, is that once the field is cleaned up there will be very few researchers left. As for the MUFON PA State Director, all you need to know can be gleaned from reading the followin…