This article is a companion to the podcast,  HARD TRUTH | The Tabloid Culture of the ‘Truth’ Media. In light of the hysteria and media manipulation surrounding the strange death of Max Spiers, Duncan O’Finioan and I decided we needed to go to the air and clean up some sorely missed points…we HIGHLY suggest reading this to fully understand the reasoning and scope of the bigger picture as regards “super soldiers”, mind control, and the feeding frenzy that now consumes the truth media platforms at-large.

IMPORTANT LINK-The late Khris Neal’s blog exposing the Former White Hat/CIA Asset, Michael Hemmingson and MKUltra:


max-spiersFirst points first: we called this show Hard Truth because it will polarize and alienate a segment of the audience who are not predisposed to discern, investigate, and adhere to some standards of credibility and reality. It is not the intention to denigrate to the life, work, and MYSTERIOUS death of Max Spiers, who admittedly perished under strange circumstances. Whatever we know about him,from his public exposure;  we are certain his own private world was never, and should not be now, the playground for voyeurs, opportunists, and cultists. It seems many now have stepped up to speak about, and even for him; even sharing intimate private messages and “secret” insights about the alleged last hours of his life.  Max is no longer able to speak for himself, and we seek to stay within the public domain of his work in this analysis. We would suggest others do likewise.

Since the announcement of Spiers’ passing on July 16, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, a certain segment of the social web has buzzed with rumors, alleged details, strange hints at ritual sacrifice, even a planned “resurrection”, and a continual outpouring of emotional angsts. All against a backdrop of media non-coverage of any substance in details, and not even a feigning interest in hard journalistic principles.

Spiers, an alleged “Super Soldier”, whistleblower, and exposer of esoteric details of the oligarcharial structure; seems to have garnered a death cult of mostly female followers who have used  his passing to further plumb their own inner emptiness; while his media handlers, Miles Johnston of BASES, a UK media outlet; and Kerry Cassidy, a founder of the Project Camelot conspiracy research group; took to the airwaves with a frenzied barrage of wild speculation and conjecture. Facebook groups, and personal pages lit up with all manner of strangeness, including one group awaiting Max’s expected resurrection in three days…into the arms of one woman who claimed she was newly engaged to Spiers. Yes, it really got this strange!

Whatever the truth is about the details and cause of Max Spiers’ death, it is clear he was surrounded by people who used him for his more glamorous and exotic persona, rather than his actual substance. Suffering from long term drug addictions, apparent PTSD from abuse; exhaustion, and, at times, a vacant expression as he talked on camera; it is clear that Mr. Spiers was being pushed to continue delivering his material both on camera, radio interviews, and at conferences—even to the point of having to vacate a live radio show when he became ill and incoherent. It is abundantly clear that the people around Max Spiers did not have his health and sanity at heart as they continued to press him for more and more information.


icannThe next point in this discussion is to dispel the mystique around the so-called “alternative media”—that area of the internet which has served to open up areas of disclosure which are ignored, censored, and mocked by the large corporate media of the western world. As we now advance into the latter part of the 2010s, it is abundantly clear that:

a.) Independent media on the web now threatens the hegemony of the controlled media outlets—alphabet news networks, major newspapers, magazines, and mainstream broadcast radio and TV; b.) An insurgence of big money interests began filtering money and asset into “alternative media” (the Alex Jones and Gaiam TV effect); c.) with the ceding of power over the internet’s IP addressing via non-regulated ICANN and the UN; the stage is set to begin a dramatic privatization, and subsequent purge of the truly independent/free media outlets that currently populate the blogosphere, podcasts, and YouTube.

As such, the days are numbered for those of us who scrape by, unregulated, unpaid, and unapproved by “the powers that be”. The model of dog-eat-dog means number-building, audience share, and market segments now demand an aggressive movement to build audience shares and realize revenues—not citizen journalist activism. The subjects of these “alternative” internet journalistic inquiries: exposure of covert operations, secret military bases and projects, suppression of UFO activity, black political ops, and Satanic ritual abuse; and the ongoing acquisition of “human assets”—for in-human purposes; all of which have now leaked into the wider consciousness of  the 21st century; could once more be flushed down Mr. Orwell’s memory hole.


missingchildrendayInasmuch as Mr. Spiers did divulge many dark details regarding ritual abuse within the geo-political/religious/financial /shadow government power structures, we do honor his memory by pointing out that: amidst the insane postmortem posturing of certain media clown acts, hysterical emotional cult outings, and melodramatic romantic twists…there is, and has been for a very long time, a concerted attack upon the innocent. Each year, nearly a HALF MILLION CHILDREN are reported missing.* Based on the research and disclosures by key insider testimony about state sponsored human mind control and experimentation, and cult ritual exploitation; it is fair to say that many of these missing have become grist in the mill of human trafficking for such purposes.

Projects like  Talent/MKUltra, Monarch, and Montauk, and MiLABS, to name a few; as well as the documented abuses by cults such as Temple of Set, numerous covens and Satanic/Luciferian cults may well account for tens of thousands of deaths of innocents annually.** The survivors of these programs, some of whom have stepped out to provide details, will be among  those who are silenced once again. They speak for those cannot: the dead now number in millions. The exploited suffer in unimaginable silence, some still inside of these insideous  programs, others, barely alive physically and emotionally.

As Duncan points out in this interview, survivors are both the tip of the iceberg AND the edge of the spear. They speak for those now passed, those still in the cycles of abuse—and those FUTURE victims, who are our own children. Please—scale your thoughts, emotions, and responses to ANY media creation bearing  all of this in mind. We have no reason to think that Max Spiers did not suffer traumatic abuse as a child. He certainly seems to have exhibited many symptoms of a survivor, and continued to suffer up to his demise. instead of the baseless, sensationalist headlines; the opportunistic pseudo-journalists; and the hysteria and morbid fantasizing—use Max’s legacy to support the open, honest, and transparent inquiries into the REAL evils of our times, and work to STOP FOREVER this cycle of abuse and destruction.


*According to the FBI, in 2015 there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2014, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 466,949. See: for details.

**Dr. Al Carlise estimates 40,000 – 60,000 people are killed in satanic rituals yearly. See: