Randy Maugan and Duncan O’Finioan

NOTE: The audio portion of the video ONLY is inadvertently “hot” due to a production error. Please turn down the volume of wither your device, and/or the YouTube player. We apologize.

In light of the hysteria and media manipulation surrounding the strange death of Max Spiers, we decide to open up the whole can of whoop ass, and clear the air. PLEASE READ THE BLOG POST, “HARD TRUTH: THE ARTICLE” on the OffPlanet Radio website:
for the full context of this show.
We dedicate our efforts to ALL the INNOCENTS past, present, and God forbid…future…We will not STOP, and will never FORGET.

IMPORTANT LINK-The late Khris Neal’s blog exposing the Former White Hat/CIA Asset, Michael Hemmingson and MKUltra: