The TriUnity Series-Episode 4
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The principles of human carnage, sacrifice, and blood sport are all at the core of the Everlasting Agreement presented by Dr. Asher in his works. The roots are ancient, yet they played out promonently in the final days of the 2016 Presidential Election, as details leaked about pedophilia rings connected to the Clinton group, the Podesta brothers, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

~”Trump Wins Over Janet Reno’s Dead Body” —- Another Mandela Effect?
~Spirit Cooking files from Wikileaks and Anthony Wiener’s laptop. the Podesta Brothers,
~The recycling of souls who are traumatized, sacrificed, and looped back into this dimension via reincarnation
~Rituals and sacrifices fuel the controller’s power over world events. “As above so below”.
~Human enslavement by switched off codons, the human “light codes”, and DNA.
~Soul harvesting and elevating levels of violence and trauma towards the human collective consciousness
~The return to Original Creator and concepts of soul annihilation
~Reincarnation and the “localized” return of souls (soul groups, families, tribes, etc.)
~Soul group/family dynamics and dysfunctions due to recurring incarnations and “soul wiping”.
~Breaking vows, curses, and soul clearing.
~Frequencies involved with dietary choices.
~The culture of death, animal consumption and omnivorism as part of the narrative; how lower energy frequencies impede soul growth to escape the “matrix”; a “firewall” to the soul.
~Fritz-Albert Popp and Biophotons:…
~Is Trump a Templar?