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Emily Moyer –

Emily Moyer, co-host of Off Planet TV & Radio and veteran party raver, joins us from Los Angeles. Up for discussion is the worldwide phenomenon of Electronic Dance Music, with its roots traceable all the way back to the acid house/ rave scene of the UK in the late 1980s. Emily gives her take on how this now colossal genre shows the fingerprints of Establishment manipulation – just like all others – echoing the first Summer of Love of the hippie era which came before it.

We discuss the esoteric, spiritual and dream-like qualities of large-scale festivals and dance events, and consider the effects on the participants that the symbolism and sound frequencies might be having. Unsettling links to Transhumanism are never far away.

Just as previous scenes went hand in hand with LSD, the dance scene has always had ecstasy/ MDMA as its drug of choice, and we consider where the sudden glut of pills may have come from, and how they work with the music to create altered states of mind. Has the whole scene been a massive exercise in social engineering?

Emily also discusses some of the strange and paranormal elements of LA, the epicentre of the American EDM scene. It’s no accident that this was the city where this scene truly took off in the US.