TriUnity Series with Dr. Shmuel Asher- Episode 5: The False Heaven Matrix

Dr. Asher’s website:
Soul Revolution, The Book:

We continue the series examining the concept of the false heaven matrix, or soul traps, used to keep human souls in the reincarnation/recycling syndrome. Covers mater from the book, “Soul Revolution”, ppg. 196 – 204; and the research on Near-Death-Experiences (NDE) on the 8 main stages of the ‘trip’:

~Immediate capture into a light tunnel
~Meeting a ‘soul greeter’
~Past life review
~”Soul classes”
~Meeting “soul guides”
~A council of “elders”.
~Told they can stay indefinitely
~Prodded to ‘return’ to fulfill a ‘destiny’, mission, or complete a cycle.

Other interesting connections:
Battlestar Galactica-Resurrection Ship
The false construct of “space”, heavens, stars, moon
The moon “soul catcher”
Buddhist concept of the “two lights”
Star Trek Voyager – “Coda” (Ep. 57)
Breaking the life review paradigm/false narrative…and more.