Randy Maiugans & Emily Moyer  with Aug Tellez

Over the course of three hours, we divulge much high level information that has never been integrated in this manner. The information is dense. Listen carefully, the data packets are specific to the hearer; and understand that what you hear is “need to know”.

Aug Tellez is a prolific blogger whose posts consist of personal
testimony of experiences that go beyond the mundane limitations of
main stream reality. Everything he publishes is based on personal
direct experiences of his present life and experiences over the course
of many lives as a result of his participation in the Space Secret
Program and other Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.

He speaks of the unveiling as a series of events brought about by both
the necessity and capacity of the human race to come to the awareness
of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality
of the soul.

Many of us are here to help perform this task. We are ex-operatives,
researchers, healers, travelers, scientists and so on. Aug is here to
assist in informing the public of the unveiling.

Everything You Know Is Outlandishly, Wildly, Insufferably Incorrect

“Basically, not only is everything you know incorrect, but it is so wildly incorrect that the truth literally causes anyone who witnesses it to go absolutely, undeniably insane for at least a period of time. And that’s usually with training and conditioning.” -AT

The Mandala Effect vs. Mandela Effect
“…the human genome was modified and the body itself was modified to take care of certain toxins that are in the environment now. These are the so-called “mandela” effect which is really the “mandala” effect which is just to cover up the other changes and take people’s mind off of that. Organs have been moved and some modified slightly to be operate under the more stressful conditions.” -AT

The Discussion:
Aug talks about his awakening experience, as part of a program, where teams of operatives helped him come to grips with the aspects of programs he has been through since he was a child.

The Secret Space Programs, as relates to the inner spaces, then the “outer spaces”, and may relate, as well to the solar system as we have come to know it.
07:12- The Trip Chair: A sort of “sensory deprivation tank” for going in and out of space & time. Use of children; stargate technology

The 9 concentric layers of mass programming; the syndromes pleasure-pain, limited resources, fear tactics

20:20- The spiritually dead aspects of the modern culture; batteries for emotional vampirism; loosh harvesting; Entity feeding traps like politics, entertainment, sports, etc.

Times streams centered around bases: in and out of different dimensions and time streams; holographic consciousness in a multi-dimensional time stream (array).

35:00-The generation of alternative time lines/possible selves; the “could have been” is just inspect of the present self. A “rolodex” of alternative worlds; Chaos into order as an organizing principle; “found bodies”…spiritual trap, the labyrinth; humanity in a situation where the way out is being rejected by the majority.

TIME DISTORTIONS: 45:00-Project uses of the “time line rolodex” to manipulate an operatives’ present reality; near future events of turbulence, preparation of operatives to deal with time shifts vs. the standard “lazy river” view of linear time.

TIME DILATION and Mind Masters: accessing the variables of multiple streams; entering into others’ dreams to generate other worlds, in compressed time frames.

In hours 2 and 3, we go deeper into the juggernaut: a space without time, and time without limits…