OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer

Our guest is Crrow777, the man behind the documentary videos of the Moon Wave Effect, fearless researcher and debunker of matrix programming, and deep practitoner of “ring of truth” reasoning. Here to take on a wide range of topics, and HOW to think about them.
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Hour 1:
~Crrow’s early background with telescopes
~”…really nothing in “space”.
~Moving from research to higher knowing, the ring of truth
~”nothing is real”…the proper context, cognitive dissonance, “a full moon on a dark night reflected on a lake”
~The mond determines rerality; accerpting the standard script is illusion; basic birthrights to know who we are, where we are
~The spellcraft of science that shuts down the ability to access higher perception.
~The media and full spectrum programming
~The controllers are a different species
~The Gilligans Island effect

Hour 2:
~ The secret space program deconstructed:
NASA, Freemasonry, and the mysticism cults behind the world order.
We are in a closed system; space is something else…we don’t leave here in the body.
The “heavenly bodies” are lights; debunking the distances of “planets”, “stars”, as being millions of miles away
Space is likely water: the firmament-waters above and waters below.

~Language as a decoder: The JFK speech going to the moon.
~Space Program as a production; connections to “ancient aliens”, “megalithic sites”.
~The myth of Low Earth Orbit, satellites, and “outer” space.
~ SSP as a simulated mind control operation.
~The Hadibov material. (see James Alfred’s work on Hadibov material.)
~The moon as a hologram.
~ The moon reflected on the lake as a point of reasoning out the reality to be known.
~Using Higher Truth to attain a level of understanding, the “ring of truth”; the PROCESS of knowing (so-called “truth” as a final conclusion).
~The official models are broken; discarding the government, mainstream media,and consensus reality.
~How our brains and bodies detect truth and reject falsehoods.
~SpaceX as a private venture/a program much like a TV series; the moon landing; Elon Musk is AN ACTOR!; The Manson murders and Woodstock as more distracting diversion; Virgin Galactic and Sir Richard Branson—another actor, another entertainment venture, a “game show”.
~False flag events, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombers, decoding events with the ring of truth.
~Belief is the Enemy of Knowing.
~Paul McCartney, the masks that hide famous people, “Mission Impossible”, CGI, and
~The NASA announcement of 7 new “exoplanets” in Trappist 1 on 2/22/17, planets in Aquarius.

Break: “Master Of The Moon” – Dio
As always, theme music is “Futuristic Utopias” by Omnisense Get it at Bandcamp