Sunday, March 19, 2017

NASA “DOME” Disclosure!

by Dr. Shmuel Asher
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NASA’s First Major Disclosure – The Dome!

Someone asked me for proof of NASA finally admitting to there being a DOME – “Impenetrable Shield” – “around” the earth. So, it would appear they are NOW willing to provide a whole bunch of Sci-Fi speak in articles worldwide and take the long, over-complicated path to tell everyone – Oh yeah! That dome? Yeah, we know about the dome, didn’t we tell you?….


Of course, this is not new information to me, and surely not to the mind-controllers at NASA. I have known all this and much more for many, many years now, and I, as others have also recently watched NASA scientists admit freely in videos from the 1970’s to the 2000’s, saying that their alleged “Van Allen radiation belts” were IMPENETRABLE! And that NOT EVEN ELECTRONICS could pass through them, much less humans, etc., etc. SO AGAIN, ALL LIES!

But why would they come out and admit such a damning thing to the world now? Ah! Well, if you didn’t like that last bit of disclosure data, you are REALLY not going to like the next part. Really, if you do not want your brain to explode and your entire world paradigm, along with your trust in anything or anyone completely disintegrated. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

Yes, the earth is NOT a sphere as we have been brainwashed from birth to believe. The early Greek philosopher Eratosthenes, is alleged to have been the one to measure its alleged “roundness”. While other later Greeks like Pythagoras and Aristotle are more commonly associated with being the progenitors of the sphere earth phenomenon.  It is further alleged that Aristotle “demonstrated” that the earth was round by a variety of –  “evidence?” A few “non-evidences” to note are alleged to have been:

  • The curvature of the horizon?
  • The way the constellations appear to be curved overhead?
  • The way a ship vanishes over the horizon?

Thankfully, we have now advanced and are able to understand that virtually ALL of these alleged “proofs” to be nothing more than mere perspective issues connected to the limitations of the human eye and camera lens curvature.

So, to say the very least, these guys had way too much time on their hands, combined with far too little scientific information, coupled with boundless imagination, but does not make fact.

Had they just re-consulted the ancient Hebrew and other ancient texts, they would have easily put this spherical earth model question to bed quite quickly. Being that virtually every living soul who lived before them fully believed our creation-space home to be flat and covered.

Any pilot paying attention and who refrains from lying to himself will KNOW by his observation of his own aircraft instruments, and his LACK of having to re-adjust his level flight altitude every few miles as the alleged ROUND BALL EARTH drops away from his plane rapidly in level flight. Along with the most obvious fact; that (if) this alleged sphere was “spinning” as they tell us, at 1000+mph, that there would be NO WAY for any fixed wing aircraft to land on any runway while that runway was moving away from their flight path at over 19 miles per second. AND PLEASE do not use or get caught up in the thoroughly ridiculous argument that the entire atmosphere – (air) – which is magically held in and around our alleged BALL earth by some other magical force, to be in fact, moving with the earths alleged rotation and matching speed – Thus the reason given why a plane can land on the runway that is also moving. THAT argument is so easily vanquished by physics and even the basic observation of the natural world, much less the opposite rotating weather patterns which somehow magically resist that great rotational mass of atmosphere, that I will not even argue with anyone who uses it.

THEN, of course, we have the Gyroscopic flight instruments in all planes which are 100% designed and work on an FLAT-EARTH model! Gyroscopic instruments WILL NOT work at all in short order as they run into their physical limits “lock-out” points if they were to be used while tracking over a “Sphere.”

This exact same thing can and has been shown to be the same for all military ship missile laser targeting systems which routinely target “straight line of sight” targets hundreds of miles across a FLAT ocean surface.

For those who are yet unaware, THE “NASA provided” size measurement of our alleged Sphere-earth is right at 26000 miles around. Fast and dirty math proves that within only 50 to 60 miles away on land or the ocean that the curvature of the alleged round earth would force even the Statue of Liberty to drop beyond our visible horizon about 2000 feet!!! So much for shooting a laser 200 miles over the ocean’s surface to hit a target. Sorry, math is math and NASA gave us that math. These are only a few of many physical observations that I made and came to know as fact during my 2 years of Commercial pilot training. Additionally, when I posed such questions to the pilot instructors I was met with total indifference, and even told to “shut up with that shit” … Just as I had come to know within my long and in-depth training of all things religious. Meaning, when they get mad at the question and tell me to shut up or give me flak, I know I am directly over the target.

The MOON – Use geometry and physics to prove this question: Why are we able to routinely SEE the moon directly above us here in the USA during the DAY, while those in say, Australia, during their NIGHT are seeing a moon as well – While we are both on opposite sides of the BIG ROUND BALL!

USGS – The Gleason 1892 New Standard Map of the World – (Link here) This map has always been the main map used by the U.S Govt Geological Survey agency, as well as being the exact map projection used in the United Nations logo! Even the shoreline “ice-ring” of Antarctica on this map has been found to be an extremely detailed depiction. It is also understood that virtually ALL round earth map projections are “produced” from THIS flat-earth map, NOT the other way around.

The Japanese map is highly important and interesting because it confirms what U.S Navy Admiral Bird quite clearly told us in his 1950’s interview concerning his “several” expeditions to Antarctica after WW2.

The most notable being Operation High-Jump. In short, Bird said that there was a massive landmass the size of North America just on the other side of Antarctica!!! WHAT! Bird also had more than one aircraft crash into an invisible wall in midair, while nearing the far side of the Antarctic ring. It would appear from the Admirals reports that he was not able to go any further but could see at least one of the many other land masses that exist outside of our domed creation space. See Japanese map.

Herein as requested, I have provided only minimal proofs of the flat-earth, there is a multitude.

In my opinion, there is no doubt why NASA has finally been forced to admit the dome exists. It is because the flat-earth proofs over the last 5 years have continued to come out and are now so pervasive that the liars in the govt and NASA cannot stay ahead of it and maintain their massive false narrative.

That understood I believe the far greater truth of it all is far worse for them to admit to. And I also believe they will do anything to us and the planet to keep that final truth hidden. Everyone should understand and be clear on one major truth concerning this “Dome-shield” disclosure portion of the flat earth reality, which is – Proving the flat earth model is proving beyond any doubt that a real Creator exists! And the fallen, with their human sycophants, have been leading the souls of humanity with these false control narratives for at least the last 500 years; 2500 to 250,000 years depending on how detailed we want to get.

Therefore, this partial “Dome-Shield” disclosure may afford them more time to reign in the brainwashed masses and not allow their entire lie of a “sphere-earth” narrative to go belly up after all these many generations of manipulative work. And remember, their Sphere-earth lie is only a partial lie as always. There is a sphere! The dome itself is sphere shaped in order to protect the flat creation space 360 degrees! Read my hypothesis on this point HERE:

Their main motive here with such disclosure articles is an attempt to regain the initiative of their false Sphere earth narrative; BUT, they will never cave in and admit to their massive Sphere-earth lie. In the end, this recently admitted to – “Star-Trek like shield” will now be shown to be a shield which encompasses the entire ROUND earth.

AGAIN – It is NOT true as these articles below state, that this is some NEW discovery. There are various videos which can be found on YouTube made by NASA scientists which clearly prove this.

They have always known about the DOME over us, and why they sent Admiral Bird to bang on the side wall in Antarctica. As documented after Admiral Birds adventures, the U.S Govt. immediately enacted a worldwide treaty of nations by 1959 – EVEN RUSSIA – in the 50’s? And all agreed?

To this day, this treaty keeps the entirety of Antarctica totally off limits to everyone save a few military, scientists and politicians. Antarctica, which of course is NOT a single continent but a ring of ice, is also heavily guarded by several navys. You can believe what you wish, but you have to be dense to believe that in the 1950’s, when most of the countries in the world did not even come close to being friends or trusting each other, not the least of them Russia, everyone found a way to agree on that treaty which stands to this day?  And everyone also agreed not to touch the vast mineral, oil and coal deposits there either? All in the one place where nothing lives? Where no government or corporation need worry about their environmental impact on the wildlife? Yes, that is all totally believable!

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