OYM Radio Sunday 10th June 2018 with guests,  Thomas Williams & Randy Maugans
Hosted by Alan James & Steven Georger

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Thomas Williams is the spokespeson for a group called the Foundation and has been on the show a few times, He also runs his own radio show every Thursday called the Truth, Honor and Integrity Show, Randy Maugans was on the show last year and both guests are familiar with each others work. Randy also runs his own radio show called Off Planet Radio, Factions fighting with each other, New Banking System Online, Reductionism, North Korea And The Trump Meeting, Fulcrum Files, Hollywood Casting Couch, Peodphiles, subliminal advertising, The ET side of Things, Portals, Van Allen Belt, Using Psi powers which are open to all sentient soul beings; The Ability To Shield Themselves, They Are 1,000 Years Ahead In Technology.