Randy Maugans & Jeffrey Sewell | Metabiology: Face to Face with Artificial Intelligence

Jeffrey Sewell has spent many years in deep study of biology, in the process he introduces us to Metabiology, the tenants are simple, ‘As above, so below’ holds true from the nucleus of a cell to the furthest reaches of distant galaxies, life begets life. And it does so in a miraculous pattern that is reflected from the cosmos to the super organism, our Earth and to each of us in our divine vessel, the human body.

Robert Stanley – Archons: Eternal Nemeses

Robert Stanley joins us to present his findings into the subject of the Archons, who/what they are, the origins, relations to demons, djinn, and other dark entities. Robert also goes into his own interactions with both the archontic beings and his encounters with light beings, including his own awakening in Malibu, CA in 1985.

Not Of Our Own Making: Social Control, War, and Dialectic Materialism In The New World Order

Exotica Radio Show-June 10, 2007-Randy Maugans-
Most people exist in cultures and histories they believe are shaped by “accident”, “fate”, or random movements. Through the eyes of a Polish writer living through both the Nazi invasion of Europe, and the subsequent incursion by the Red Armies, we see the shaping of cultures, thoughts, and opinions by the process of “Dialectic Materialism”. Examines philosophical, psychological, and cultural shaping (culture creation) by the process of “Ordo Ab Chaos”—the insidious application of the Hegellian/Marxist Dialectic Method.