The Wave

The darkness has overtaken this part of the universe. This frequency wave is meant to balance this. A way to correct the many many mistakes made by many groups of beings over a very long period of time. This is your time to shine. Take advantage of it.

DISCERNMENT ALERT: Simon Parkes and CERN Archons

What may occur will be the incursion of more entities wielding deceptions and murderous energies to feed from the fear and lust (lower energies) of the human race. Ultimately, unless it is shut down, the scientists at CERN, under control of the Black Magi, will open a portal between worlds/dimensions that will truly bring “hell to earth”.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 14-07-29-15- Cara St Louis: Exposing The Predator

Cara St. Louis joins us to pull together the pieces of her discoveries into what we will just call The Predator. We venture off on some “side trips” with Cara’s personal “ET” encounters, David Icke, bretharianism, and Cara’ insights in the heart chakra and morphogenic fields. We discuss the questions about the ubiquitous substance, aluminum and the menace of The Apex Predator that would take over the consciousness of the planet and humanity.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 13-07-22 -15 Chris Holly: The Next Level Paranormal

Chris Holly joins Randy Maugans to unfold news and views from the world of UFOs and the paranormal. It is TIME to take things up to, as Chris says, “the next level” beyond the phenomena, past the cults of personality, out of the space of cottage industry flunkies and self-promoters. As the veil not just thins, but dissolves, more people are seeking answers and solutions. The matrix is breaking down, and sadly, so are the people living “under the dome”.


The defining characteristic of HUMAN is compassion. IT does not have compassion. IT is the rising quantum nano AI/4D Behemoth that want to COMMAND AND CONTROL THE HUMAN DOMAIN.

~IT hates humans. That is IT’s only emotional correspondence. IT knows that if WE ever get our hearts together—IT is FINISHED.

OffPlanet TV-Episode 8-06-10-15-The Falling Skies with Chris Holly

Co-host Chris Holly joins Randy Maugans for a white-knuckle ride into the realities of a dystopian worldview. We examine the paranormal effects, global economic collapse, and explore the possibilities behind alien technology that has been weaponized and deployed again humans. A “tech” called “sentient oil” or “black goo”…linked to the mythos of the Archons and demonic entites.