~Z~ Accelerating The Quickening

~Z~ will reveal Himself in this conversation, and perhaps You as well. This message has a purpose and a targeted audience. We will tell you stories, and in them, you will find parts of yourself because you don’t who you are—or where you are. Resonance, or dissonance will depend on WHO you are Becoming.

Timothy Wyllie: The Helianx and Return of the Plumed Serpent

Timothy Wyllie has spent over fifty years traversing the crossroads of advanced human consciousness. In the latest release, “The Helianx Proposition or: The Return of the Plumed Serpent”, Wyllie realizes a 30 year vision: a hand illustrated and calligraphed volume, a sweeping cosmology that spans the multiverses and focuses on…humanity, and its nascent realization of who they are, and from where they came.

Brother Gregory: The Iconoclast Church

In this interview, we get some insights on the actual meanings of some key words, and the concepts behind the teachings of Jesus, regarding the how the Church was to be the Kingdom of God on earth. While the visible churches, mainstream protestant and Catholic, represent the apostate churches of the New Global Order of Rome, these tiny, community-based congregations operate from a different economy—one of loving, sharing, and giving.

Elissa Hawke: Who The Hell Are You…?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (36.7MB)OffPlanet Radio  – 05-22-2014 with Randy Maugans with Elissa Hawke http://elissahawke.com/ “Her work is brain balanced, she is part fierce intellectual, part naïve poet, whom you will be magnetically drawn to...